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Get Started Racing is a Free Resource to Learn How to Get Started Racing It is provided as a public service by companies invested in the motorsports industry and its future. Take a look around the website and keep checking back for more updates in the coming weeks as we continue to build our online resource. We look forward to seeing you at the track!

Getting Started

Do you enjoy the fast paced lifestyle that is Motorsports? Wouldn't it be cool to be involved or improve on your skills? You've come to the right place. Get Started Racing was developed with the racer in mind. Take a look around and contact us with any questions. All the resources are right here to "Get Started Racing."


There's no way around it, racing is a dangerous sport. Whether you are looking to be a driver or crew member, you can never be too safe. Check out our articles on safety to ensure you have all the equipment required to escape danger.

Where To Start?

So, where to even begin? There's many questions for the new driver. What car, what track, what are my skills? Check out some of the basics listed here to give you a better idea of what you're getting into.

The Great Escape

Posted in Safety

In an emergency, can you quickly exit your car?

Transmission Tips

Posted in Basics

Transmission maintenance has a direct impact on how well and long yours will stay in…

Monotube Shock Maintenance

Posted in Featured, Setup

These days racers are spending big bucks to get nitrogen charged (monotube) shocks. These shocks…

Leaf Springs

Posted in Featured, Setup

“Simple” can be “faster” with new leaf spring suspension components and strategies.

How to Get a Product Sponsor

Posted in Basics, Featured

Sometimes, it does hurt to ask.

Four Links

Posted in Featured, Setup

If You Don’t Know Squat About Four-link Rears…. Here’s how to get the most…

Learning the Lumps

Posted in Featured, Setup

Sorting the shapes of cam lobes.

Through A Father’s Eyes

Posted in Basics, Featured

One of the best parts about racing is the relationship it brings with a team,…

Tip of the Week

Wheel bearings that may be tight in the shop may become loose after a couple races as brake rotors and calipers expand then cool. Check and tighten wheel bearings while they’re warm after a heat race, and they’ll stay tight every time you put them through a heat cycle.